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How to get authorised to run political ads on Facebook


Written by Tom Jennings


If you're planning to run ads about social issues, elections or politics, you'll need to pass Facebook's ad authorisation process.

Below, we are Civitas has outlined the information you need and the steps to take to get authorised to run ads about social issues, elections or politics.

Your identification documents should be reviewed within 48 hours and disclaimer reviews are typically completed within 24 hours.

Bear in mind that the time to review ads about elections or politics can be up to 72 hours - so schedule them well in advance.


Ad authorisation checklist

Before you begin the ad authorisation process, you'll need the following:

A standard Facebook account which you have access to, will need to be an admin on the Page on which you're planning to run the ads. If you're not a Page admin, you need to ask a current admin on the Page to add you as an admin or have them complete this ad authorisation process. Only Page admins can complete the entire ad authorisation process..

To complete the identity confirmation process, you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Facebook account. You can follow the steps below to set this up, or set it up through your Facebook settings.


Facebook will need to make sure that you're based in the UK. They do this by checking your information and activity on Facebook, including the country listed on your profile (so ensure this is filled in and correct), and asking for a postal address.

You'll need to have materials and information available such as; A UK passport, EU passport, UK driving licence or UK residence permit; and a UK-based residential postal address, to confirm your identity.

In choosing who should be authorised - any Page admin wishing to create, modify, publish or pause political ads will need to have their identity confirmed. So in an election, it's best to authorise the account of the candidate or agent, in case of any team/volunteer departures.


Step 1: Confirm your identity

Go to your Facebook Page.

If your Page is managed in Business Manager, you'll need to access your Page through Business Manager to complete the rest of the steps.

Click Settings in the top right-hand corner.


In the list on the left, click Authorisations.

In the 'Where do you live?' section, on the drop-down, select United Kingdom.

Below 'Step 1: Confirm your identity', click Get Started.


In the 'primary country location' section, click Confirm primary location.

Update the fields with your postal address and click Next.

You should see a confirmation notice letting you know that a letter will be sent to your address. This letter will include a verification code. The code is connected to your account, so nobody else can use it.

Next, you're going to confirm your identity.


Make sure to set up two-factor authentication if you haven't already.

If you haven't yet done this, scroll up for the step by step process.

You will require a mobile phone for an authenticator app or SMS code.

Once authenticated, proceed on to confirm your identity.


After selecting the form of identification that you'd like to upload, click Next.

Click upload an image.

Any images you upload will need to be either JPG or PNG files and be at least 1,500 x 1,000 pixels in size.

Also, the address on your photo ID doesn't have to match the address where you currently receive post.

After successfully uploading your image, click Next.


Your photo ID should be approved or denied within minutes.

If denied due to the quality of the photo uploaded, you can try again.

Now enter your postcode and click Next.

Review your information for accuracy and click Submit.


Check your post daily

The letter should arrive at your address within ten days, and doesn't prevent you from completing other elements of the authorisation process such as step 2 (following on below).

When your letter arrives, visit the URL specified on your letter.

In the "Confirm your identity" section, enter your code.

Click Submit code.

After entering your code, your ID confirmation should be complete.


Step 2: Link your ad accounts

You will need an ad account already set up for this and the self-declared currency of the ad account must be in GBP.

You'll need to select the ad account that will be used to fund your political ads and link that ad account to your Page, then enter a disclaimer for it.

Head to your Facebook Page. If your Page is managed solely in Business Manager, you'll need to access your Page through Business Manager to complete the rest of the steps.

Click Settings in the top right-hand corner.

In the list on the left, click Authorisations again.

Below 'Step 2: Link your ad accounts', click Begin.


Agree to comply with Facebook's Terms and Conditions, by clicking Accept.

By default, any ad accounts you're an ad account advertiser or admin on, will appear automatically and you can select the one that will be used to pay for your Page's ads

If you need to add additional ad accounts, you'll need to have the numbers associated with each of the ad accounts that you'd like to add.

In the Enable section, tick the box adjacent to each ad account that you'd like to use, then click Next.


You'll need to create a disclaimer for each ad account, which includes information on the person (often the candidate) or entity (often the CLP) who is paying for the ads.

Once you've added your disclaimers, click Next.

Review your changes, and click Submit.


Creating ads

Always bear in mind that ad approval can take up to 72 hours.

Once you've completed all of the above steps to complete the ad authorisation process, you can create political ads within ads manager.

When you get to the 'ad' section of ad creation, make sure that the "This ad is about social issues, elections or politics" box is selected.

By default, it should be automatically checked for you.


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You're now authorised to target voters on Facebook.

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