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28th May 2019

Four questions to answer before deciding your campaign slogan


First impressions count. For those seeking election, a campaign slogan is the most efficient and memorable way of making a good first impression on potential voters.

A strong message, delivered in a memorable manner is vital to any good campaign slogan.

Here at we are Civitas, we’ve come up with four questions to answer before deciding on your campaign slogan, to ensure success.


Does it strike a chord with voters?

It’s important that you address the concerns of your voters and show an understanding of the current political climate.

You must know what your voter’s main concerns are, so you can demonstrate that you are in touch with your electorate, in order to win their votes.

This could mean addressing big national concerns like Brexit, or more local ones such as development projects, in your slogan.


Do you make your intentions clear?

Make sure your slogan portrays what you intend to do with the office you’re running for, whether that’s reallocating resources, fighting austerity, or a specific legislative agenda.

Make sure your slogan delivers this information concisely and distinctly, so that the voters can understand your intentions immediately, thus maximising your impact whilst only requiring minimal engagement on their behalf.


Are you differentiating yourself?

It’s important to distinguish yourself from your opponents.

Play on your strengths, perhaps you’re the most experienced candidate or you’re an incumbent who has shown themselves to be capable.

Don’t be afraid to highlight your identity and how it can benefit you in representing constituents.

You could play on your opponents’ weaknesses, it might be they have a voting record many potential voters are likely to disagree with, or they lack any relevant experience, or are they offering more of the same?


Know whose vote you have to win?

Demographics and swing voters are equally key to electoral victory. You must have a firm understanding of what makes your key voter pools tick.

Are a large number of your constituents low income families? Make sure you let them know you will use the office to help provide for them and invest in public services that they rely on.

It might be that there is a significant immigrant community amongst the electorate, make it clear that you support them and their right to work, and that you will protect them from discrimination and hostile policies.


Campaign slogans can make or break electoral success, so make sure you get yours right.

Campaign slogans really can make or break a campaign, here’s some examples of some slogans that clearly didn’t ask themselves our four key questions...

I’m not a witch. I’m you. – Christine O’Donnell, 2010.

Not Just Peanuts – Jimmy Carter, 1976.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? – Conservative party, 2005.

He’s good enough for me. – Arthur Balfour, 1904.


Now let's recap our four questions:

Do you have a firm/concrete understanding of what your core base believes in? What your voter pools are? And what would appeal to your swing voters?

How are you planning to address their concerns and hopes for the future?

Is your slogan clear, concise and memorable, whilst maintaining a strong message and sense of identity?

Keep these questions in mind whilst creating your slogan and you’ll be one step closer to winning.


Thanks for reading!



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