Who we are

We are Civitas is the brainchild of Tom Jennings, an experienced Digital Marketer and Borough Councillor in Warrington.

We seek to serve elected representatives wanting to engage their members and electors. The team are on hand to help establish your online presence, increase visibility, engage members, reach your voters and do our utmost to ensure reselection.

What we do

We're transforming how campaigns, candidates and incumbents engage their most important people.

We craft compelling content, then target it to the right people, at the right moment, wherever they might be online. Sparking and sustaining interest, in order to form lasting connections that build trust and drive action. All this, measured and relentlessly optimised.

The content we create, insights we unravel, the platforms we build - for us, isn't work. It's striving to engineer a more accessible politics. To tell stories and inspire advocates. To challenge the status quo and champion progressive change.

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How we do it

Goal-orientated strategies, driven by data, delivered through agile technology.

Imagine sending a direct mail to voters about an issue that matters to them most, without any stuffing or delivery required, and know how many people actually opened the mailing... That's digital campaigning, that's what we do best.